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Diversity at Work

2024-04-16 15:03

Fondazione Monnalisa Ets

Projects 2024,

Diversity at Work

The Diversity at Work Project contributes to the inclusion and integration of people with cognitive disabilities in the workplace

The Diversity at Work Project emerges from the partners' recognized need to enhance workplace inclusion and integration for a particularly elusive group—individuals with cognitive disabilities. These are mild cognitive impairments that can be accommodated in less demanding roles under the guidance of a tutor. The project lays out distinct objectives, aware that it represents just a small advancement towards deeper workplace integration for people with disabilities. Nonetheless, the partners are optimistic that significant progress can arise from modest beginnings. As such, through the Diversity at Work Project, the partners are committed to equipping their educators and trainers with the necessary resources to teach social and personal skills to people with cognitive disabilities. This initiative aims to bolster their self-awareness, enabling them to thrive in a secure and monitored yet socially inclusive work setting.

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