MONNALISA is synonymous with children's clothing thanks to Piero Iacomoni and his wife Barbara Bertocci who founded the historic brand fifty years ago which has since been listed with AIM Borsa Italiana in July of 2018.

But for a few years now, Monnalisa has also been synonymous with something else: social engagement and safety, thanks to the eponymous FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization created with the goal of implementing a “welfare mix” model of community, by means of universal stakeholder involvement.

The macro objective of the MONNALISA FOUNDATION is to embrace our social responsibility towards those disadvantaged by physical, mental, economic, social, or family conditions by means of education and training which simultaneously values the environment, the territory, and the culture.

A few years ago, the realization of this project of utility and social commitment led to the construction of the bastion of road safety, STRASICURA PARK a park of approx. 4 hectares (about 10 acres) in the heart of Tuscany which is entirely dedicated to awareness and education with regards to road safety serving new generations and the community as a whole.

Because in the streets, life wins!


The Monnalisa Foundation collaborates with

The Monnalisa Foundation collaborates with some realities of the territory and beyond, to go to support projects with an ethical social objective.



  The objective of the Monnalisa Foundation is the promotion of RESPONSIBLE AND SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES capable of developing and implementing development plans that perfectly combine growth, sustainability, ethics, participation, solidarity and subsidiarity.


 The Foundation promotes and implements integrated systems of PERSON SERVICES capable of improving the quality of community life. It supports and stimulates solidarity-based entrepreneurship and directs economic activity according to ethical criteria through ethical and sustainable development plans.

Monnalisa Foundation promotes the principle of SUBSIDIARITY : affirmation of the primacy of the person, of the valorization of man and his talents, to educate the person to freedom of choice, putting the person and the community at the centre of value creation processes.


The Monnalisa Foundation pursues the collective interest and SOCIAL SOLIDARITY by working in the social, economic, environmental, cultural and educational fields. It promotes innovative governance models of Welfare community: mix of actors, policies, tools and promotion.




 Strasicura Park a theme park in where there are open and covered spaces in which to play, at any time of the year, road safety education and training activities. Read more 

 The character of STOP è nato per affiancare i bambini alla scoperta del mondo on the road, che insegna le basi della sicurezza stradale. Read more 

 Primo is the dual control moped, which allows the instructor to travel in the same vehicle of the student. Read more