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The Monnalisa Foundation aims to enhance the environment, the territory and culture through actions aimed at involving the community. From this macro objective arise projects of solidarity and social commitment in view of education and training of the people who are part of it.

Strasicura Park

Strasicura Park is a fully equipped area of 35,000 square meters. in the town of Castiglion Fiorentino (AR), in areas specially set up for maximum safety of carrying out road safety education activitiesSee more  

Strasicura Park

Primo School

Primo is a new way of driving with a moped with dual controls, which allows the instructor to travel in the same vehicle as the student, eliminating the risk of dangerous manoeuvres or situationsSee more  

Primo School

I am a friend of STOP

The character of STOP was born from the collaboration between EditriceLaStrada and STRASICURAPark, to help children discover the world on the road and teach the basics of road safety, a "subject" that affects everyone. See more  

I am a friend of STOP


 This project was born in 2009 in Castiglion Fiorentino (AR), in Montecchio Vesponi, by the will of the Municipal Administration, the Province of Arezzo and Monnalisa Onlus Foundation .

The Citadel of Arezzo for Road Safety is a structure built with bio-compatible techniques, a theme park in where there are open and covered spaces in which to play, at any time of the year, road safety education and training activities.

Piero Iacomoni with the MONNALISA Onlus Foundation, wanted strongly to invest in the social, embracing the ambitious project that promotes the culture of road safety for all road users, with a particular attention to the world of youth.

Thanks to the agreement reached with Formula Guida Sicura di Grosseto, which has been operating for 10 years in the world of training and safe driving education for road users, today it is possible to think of STRASICURA Park as a multi-purpose center available to all those who deal with activities on road safety recreational, cultural and educational, a new meeting point between institutions, public, private and individual companies.

The common goal for all is to educate to a safe mobility through Driving Courses, on two and four wheeled vehicles, within reach of all, from the newly licensed drivers to the professional drivers, with the aim of promoting road safety, responsible driving, education in respect for one’s own life and others, as a form of prevention of risky behavior and the reduction of road accidents as a result. 


“The city of STOP” was born from the collaboration established between EditriceLaStrada and STRASICURAPark for the development of the project “I am a friend of STOP”.

The character of STOP was born from the idea of EditriceLaStrada to give children a friend, a partner who invites to take time to stop, observe, reason. He has legs, arms, hands and talks to other humanized elements. Stop moves on foot, by bicycle, if necessary by vespa, car or other real vehicles, accompanying children as they discover the world on the road. He is not a “know-it-all”, but rather a curious and attentive friend who in his wandering has observed so much and learned who now poses himself towards children, like a travelling partner who does not teach but suggests to stop, observe, reason and start again.

“I am a friend of STOP” has also been developed to support adults in road safety education, an “issue” which concerns everyone. Growing attentive users of the future, means accompanying children towards the awareness of being active subjects of the street.

Bruce Chatwin holds that a man’s true home is the street. 

In stroller, by foot, by bicycle, by car, the road is where the experiences of life happen. For this reason the road education culture is a path that cannot be completed with a single didactic unit but must be built in time, starting from childhood, through learning moments of the rules and behaviors, as well as dialogue and support in experimentation.

In a time when speed is a value that inspires developments in all sciences, schools and training centres must be the place par excellence where generosity of time is the basis of all learning.

The child should have time to discover the world, the adult learn to take some time to listen, observe, concentrate. The daily discovery of the environment that surrounds us, in particular of the road, becomes a precious opportunity for developing a sense of responsibility and safety in the child, starting when she begins to move with autonomy.

Faced with the unfortunate current state of road accidents, every single user should rethink and correct the risky attitudes which, unfortunately, are very frequent and repeated daily, remembering how children are sensitive observers and are able to grasp the conviction and energy that “Big people” put into what they do.

No road safety campaign and no educational project can ever be effective if the practical example, under the watchful eyes of children, is contradictory.

Road education, then, is a work that involves the whole of society!

Make road safety your lifestyle and that of the people you love!

Monnalisa Onlus Foundation is located in Arezzo near the Innovation Building in via Spallanzani, in the institutional congress area of the city.


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